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Healthy Snacking

Where do you source your ingredients?
All our products are sourced globally and where possible we like to ensurecherry that they are sourced responsibly and are free from artificial additives offering the ultimate in taste and quality.

Are any Forest Feast products Gluten or Wheat free?
Yes all of our natural (non-processed, ie. not roasted & salted or uncoated) dried fruit, nuts & seeds are gluten/wheat free.

Are any Forest Feast products suitable for vegetarians? 
Yes all our natural fruit, nut & seed products would be suitable for vegetarians.

Do any Forest Feast products contain sulphur dioxide (E220)?
Yes some of our products like apricots, goji berries and golden raisins contain Sulphur dioxide. Sulphur dioxide is a widely used food preservative. Its principle use is to preserve the natural colour of our products. For example, apricots develop a very dark brown colour without the use of sulphur dioxide

I’ve noticed “vegetable oil” on some of your packs. Why is this used?
Vegetable oil is used to glaze certain dried fruits, for example;  raisins, currants and sultanas. It helps the product flow better through our packing machines and it reduces moisture loss and helps maintain product quality.

Do you use any genetically modified ingredients in your products?mango
No, we’re completely committed to using only GMO free ingredients.

Are any of your products Fair trade?
Yes, we work with an organisation called PREDA, based in the Philippines who provide Fair Trade products.  Read more in our Fairtrade section.

Where/how can I get the nutritional information for your products?
On all of our products you can find the nutritional information on back of pack. In addition to this you can also find the nutritional information for each product on our website. However, should you want additional information or lose the original packaging, you can get in touch with us by using the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website

What is the proper way to store dried fruit and nuts?
After opening we recommend that any Forest Feast product should be kept in a cool and dry place.

How do I know when my Forest Feast product is too old to eat?
All our products have a BEST BEFORE date located on the back of the pack. The month and year lists the ideal shelf life.

Does dried fruit count as one of my 5-a-day?naturalnuts
25g or a small handful of dried fruit counts as one portion in the government 5-a-day scheme.

Aren’t Nuts bad for you because they are full of fat?
Nuts naturally contain monounsaturated or ‘good fats’, which have been proven to protect the heart.

Why should I snack on dried fruit rather than fresh fruit?
Dried fruit is often easier to carry around if you are snacking on the go. Many of our packs can be re- sealed, which makes it convenient to eat a little at a time. The complex carbohydrates found in dried fruit will benefit you by slowly releasing energy, while you are on the go.

Is eating between meals not bad for you?
No, not necessarily. After 3 to 4 hours, blood sugar levels start to drop, which can make you tired and hungry, a small healthy snack will keep you going until the next meal.

I want to eat more dried fruit, nuts & seeds- how can I incorporate them into my diet?
Aside from snacking straight from the packet, there are lots of ways to introduce dried fruit, nuts & seeds such as: adding to breakfast cereals, porridge and yogurt for a great start to the day. Try adding nuts and seeds to salads for a healthy crunch or used dried fruit and nuts in baking and cooking. Look on our product pages for links to delicious recipes.

Does Forest Feast Mango contain added sugar? 
A trace of natural cane sugar is used to stop the slices sticking together during processingmango-sour

Why does the plain Mango come in bigger pieces than the Sour Mango?
Less mature and therefore smaller Mango fresh fruit is picked whilst still green and not fully ripened. This is the fruit used for processing the green mango (sour mango). Naturally smaller fresh fruit produces smaller slices when dried.

Why are there sometimes fibrous pieces of Mango in my pack? 
Mango that comes from near the stone of the mango would tend to be more fibrous.


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