Guest Blog: Idle Man – Tropical Food Design Trends

Clothing with a tropical vibe is a given for the spring and summer seasons. After bundling up in muted colours all winter, there is something liberating about donning colourful prints that don’t take themselves too seriously – perfectly capturing the spirit of summer.


This summer clothing adorned with tropical fruits is a top trend – that’s right, even for men. Men may be timid to test out this trend, but there’s no reason why men shouldn’t be able to rock some fruity motifs. There is a time and a place for this trend, however, and certain garments that just shouldn’t be adorned with fruits. Read on to learn how to incorporate this trend into your summer look.


Fruit prints usually make an appearance on Spring and Summer runways for both womenswear and menswear. Most notably was Dolce & Gabbana for Spring/Summer 2016, where colourful frocks with bold fruit prints were a central theme. These fruity motifs trickle down to the high-street market for summer as well, which is when we start to see all sort of fruits on T-shirts, socks, and more.


The most laid-back way to incorporate fruit prints into your look is on swim shorts. You generally only bring out swim shorts in the summer months, which is the perfect season for kitschy prints. We recommend wearing these to a pool party, the beach, or even a music festival. You’ll be dressed perfectly for the occasion and you’ll be sure to get lots of compliments.


Another fun way to bring trendy fruit prints into your wardrobe is on a short sleeve shirt . A tropical fruit print suits the casual vibe of a short sleeve button down perfectly and has that air of preppiness that often comes out in summer looks.


There are several occasions you could rock a shirt such as this one like on holiday, at a gig, or just down the pub. These sorts of garments can be attention-grabbing, so prepare yourself for being the centre of attention.

Finally, why not hop on this trend by wearing a fruit themed T-shirt? This is probably the easiest way to hop on the trend, and there is no shortage of fruit-printed T-shirts out there.


A T-shirt like this can be worn for really any casual occasion when you feel like having a bit of fun with your outfit. Going for a T-shirt in this kind of print is bit more low-key, so if you don’t want to draw that much attention to yourself then we recommend going for this option.


Wearing a fruit print on your clothing screams summer, so the time is ripe to reach for the festive prints while you still can. When following this trend, we recommend you keep it casual by going for fruit printed swim shorts, short sleeve button ups, and T-shirts. It’s also fun to incorporate this trend through your accessories, fruit printed socks for example.


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