Original Snack Explorers

At Forest Feast we like to think of ourselves as ‘Original Snack Explorers’. A united team of food enthusiasts, travelling to the farthest corners of the globe to discover world-class, original, flavoursome fruits for our Forest Feast products.

It is our mission to seek quality ingredients that are so delicious, we simply have to shape, cut and coat to transform them into the Forest Feast snacks you know and love – with no need for artificial flavours, concentrates or fillers.

No one better embodies our values as Original Snack Explorers, than one special member of the Forest Feast family – Livingstone the elephant. Wise, curious and knowledgeable, he is named after one of the greatest explorers of our time and has a spirit of adventure to match; supporting our quests of discovery to all four corners of the globe.


As original snack explorers, we travel around the world to seek out unique, delicious fruits and find inspiration for our ever-growing Forest Feast range. We handpick the very best natural ingredients from growers we know and trust, sourcing them responsibly and carefully, to turn them into incredible snacks for you to discover and enjoy.

Our latest adventure led to the creation of our amazing new Forest Feast Fruit Balls – have you discovered them yet? Made from 100% dried fruit, these yummy bite-sized treats are available in three delicious flavour combinations: Milk Chocolate, Mango & Coconut; Pineapple, Mango & Lime; Mango & Coconut.


Many Forest Feast snacks, such as our award-winning Preda Fairtrade Dried Mango, also taste scrumptious when used as an ingredient. So on the back of selected Forest Feast packets, we’ve shared some of our favourite recipes to inspire you, from Chicken & Pineapple Buddha Bowls to a delectable Mango & Pineapple Hummingbird Cake.

Come together and create something delicious at home to share and delight in with loved ones.


Our promise to only ever use quality, real dried fruits, means we simply transform them into the tasty Forest Feast snacks you know and love – with no need for artificial flavours, concentrates or fillers.

Whether you prefer to enjoy Forest Feast products as an inspiring ingredient when baking and cooking, or simply as a nourishing snack, we want you to savour and enjoy every mouthful.

We believe in kindness. Kindness to our colleagues, to our farmers and to the Earth. This is why we only work with like-minded suppliers who share our values.

Since 1997, we have sourced our much-loved dried mango exclusively from PREDA. It is an organisation that not only grows the best mangos we’ve ever known, but guarantees premium wages for its farmers and proactively undertakes community improvement projects, from environmental issues and sustainability, to supporting and protecting workers and their families.

Similarly, one of our trusted partners is currently half way to its goal of becoming a CO2 neutral factory, getting 40-50% of its electricity from solar panels and burning fruit stones and coconut shells to produce heat for its ovens.

We are and always will be committed to providing the very best for consumers in originality, quality of ingredients and unparalleled provenance – this includes ensuring we are doing our very best to be responsible and kind to those we work with and the environment.