Our Craft

We are innovators and tastemakers. We don’t follow the rulebook, instead favouring ingredients and a craft that delivers the most incredible snacks. Our nuts are gently air roasted, not fried, to deliver a richer flavour, distinctive texture and healthier product. It’s a much slower process, but all great things take time! We use a traditional artisan panning process for all of our chocolate range, a continuous layering of chocolate around the centres.

There are over 2000 layers of chocolate on our Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts (yes we counted!), but it is up to you whether you suck, nibble or chomp it off! We source from the best suppliers and use local ingredients where we can, like Irish Sea Salt or Scottish Heather Honey.

And we still test every single batch before they hit the shelves, lucky us! We spend most of our coffee and lunchbreaks dreaming up new products and there is nothing more satisfying than watching our innovation team chopping, stirring, mixing, drizzling, drenching and swirling the latest creations. If you have an idea for a new product get in touch here.