Our Savvy Snacks - Forest Feast

Our Savvy Snacks

We handpick the best dried fruit, nuts and seeds from our trusted growers around the world. Then we let our imaginations run wild and create the tastiest snacks you’ll find. We have a variety of award-winning snacks which can power your next adventure, stave off hunger pangs, or simply enhance your culinary delights. Whatever track you’re on, we have the snack for you…

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Cavendish Banana - Forest Feast

Cavendish Banana

12 x 200g

Coco Mango

12 x 150g
Dried Sliced Coconut - Forest Feast

Dried Sliced Coconut


Exotic Dried Mango


Exotic Dried Mango Jumbo Pack

1 x 690g
Jumbo Agen Prunes - Forest Feast

Jumbo Agen Prunes

12 x 250g
Malatya Apricots - Forest Feast

Malatya Apricots

12 x 250g
Medjool Dates - Forest Feast

Medjool Dates

Pineapple Rings - Forest Feast

Pineapple Rings

12 x 125g

Sour Mango

12 x 130g
Wonderberries - Forest Feast


12 x 175g
Berries & Cherries - Forest Feast

Berries & Cherries

12 x 170g

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